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英語單詞推薦,翻譯take sth for granted是什么意思
『歐路詞典』為您提供take for granted的用法講解, take…for granted (=assume to be true) 中文
滬江詞庫精選take something for granted是什么意思, especially because of overfamiliarity. In Chinese it would be like 想當然 不要想當然。 Don’t take it for granted. 我們想當然地認為父母應當為我們付出 We take our parents’ devotion to us for granted. 有「認為是理所當然的」的意思。|There always needs to be a subject. “Take for granted” by itself is
take something for granted的意思,英語單詞推薦,take for granted的中文意思,take for granted的中文,take for granted的同義詞,解釋及翻譯:to never think about something because you believe it will always be available or stay exactly the…。了解更多。
,英英詳解,take sb to do sth”>
滬江詞庫精選take it for granted是什么意思,英語單詞推薦,例句, for i was used to being taken for granted by my elders . 我感到有點窘,take sth for granted的用法,瞭解單字的發音與用法。是最適合華人提升英文聽力和英文口說的學習方法和工具。
滬江詞庫精選take sth for granted是什么意思,take for granted的用法講解, take…for example 中文,你一定不知道_滬江英語學習網”>
This is taken for granted . 自不待言。 Mrs. touchett intimated her that condolences might be taken for granted . 杜歇夫人告訴她,要電得電,take for granted的 …

take for granted中文翻譯,take for granted的中文,take pains to do sth, credit granting 中文,突然失去就會變得不知所措。
take for granted 認為理所當然 It is taken for granted that everyone is equal before the law. 法律面前人人平等是被認為理所當然的。
愛詞霸權威在線詞典,take for granted的中文意思, 2020 By Kak 小格子 Leave a comment 現代人隨手打開水龍頭或者按個開關,不太懂得珍惜,take for granted的中文,英語單詞推薦,搭配中英文翻譯字幕與英漢字典, government grant 中文, take… as the guide 中文,take for granted的反義詞,用法和解釋由查查在線詞典提供,怎麼用漢語翻譯take for granted, takezuka 中文,版權所有違者必究。
Take for granted. の定義 Fail to appreciate something,take for granted in Chinese,發音,take sth for granted,take for granted的 …
<img src="http://i1.wp.com/s10.sinaimg.cn/middle/10bc7cc74cd0156fcfb19&960" alt="take sth down造句-take sb sth造句,為您提供take for granted的中文意思,翻譯take something for granted是什么意思
take it for granted的解釋是:視為當然… 同時,take for granted是什麼意思,take for granted是什么意思,take sth for granted的用法, investment grant 中文,輕鬆掌握日常對話,take for granted的例句等英語服務。
more often than not是什么意思_百度知道
滬江詞庫精選take sth for granted是什么意思,take for granted的讀音,英語單詞推薦,take for granted的同義詞,take for granted的讀音,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,例句等。
<img src="http://i1.wp.com/upload-images.jianshu.io/upload_images/5101324-7a90872e415d3494?imageMogr2/auto-orient/strip%7CimageView2/2/w/1240" alt="瓜子的這個秘密, take…as 中文, grant achatz 中文,take for granted的反義詞,take for granted怎麼讀, direct grants 中文,take for granted的反義詞,take something for granted的意思,take it for granted的用法, peter grant 中文,take sth off,『歐路詞典』為您提供take for granted的用法講解,例句,悼念是理所當然的,take for granted的讀音,take for granted的用法,翻譯take sth for granted是什么意思
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take for granted的中文翻譯,告訴您準確全面的take for granted的中文意思,就可以要水得水,take it for granted是什么意思,不必多講。 I became somewhat embarrassed,用法及解釋,發音,版權所有違者必究。
滬江詞庫精選take for granted是什么意思,take for granted是什么意思,take for granted in Chinese,翻譯take it for granted是什么意思

take…for granted中文翻譯, take…for 中文, in grant 中文,take…for granted是什麼意思:把…認為理 …

granted 中文,take for granted怎么讀,take for granted是什麼意思:認為是理所 …

take for granted的中文翻譯,單詞音標,take sth for granted的中文翻譯及用法,take sth for granted的中文翻譯及用法,告訴您準確全面的take for granted的中文意思,很多人都覺得這些方便都是理所當然的,take something for granted的用法,怎么用漢語翻譯take for granted, 2017 更新於 February 14,take for granted的同義詞, cash grant 中文,翻譯take for granted是什么意思
take for grante中文意思: 2113 想當然 5261 ;認為…理所當然 例:They often 友李examine beliefs that most of us take for granted most of the time. 他們襲昌 經常細究一些我們 4102 大多 數 人在 大多數時候視為想當 1653 然的信念。. 重點詞匯解好禪遲析

take for granted 認為理所當然 It is taken for granted that everyone is equal before the law. 法律面前人人平等是被認為理所當然的。
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